Homemade Hydroponic Plans

Homemade Hydroponic Plans

Its easy to make your own hydroponic system from simple homemade hydroponic plans available here for Free. 

We cover standard homemade hydroponic systems as well as some hybrid systems.  The hydroponic growing techniques covered are:


Aeroponics - delivers nutrient solution to growing chamber where plant roots are suspended.
Drip - delivers nutrient solution to the top of the media holding the roots. A water pump pumps the solution through a drip manifold which distributes the solution to the drip emitters where it drips and picks up oxygen on the way down.
Ebb and Flow or Flood and Drain - delivers nutrient solution intermittently and floods the bottom of the grow container until it reaches the over flow tube where it returns back to the reservoir.
NFT - or nutrient flow technique - delivers nutrient solution continuously that flows on the roots giving access to constant water supply and plenty of oxygen.
Wick - delivers nutrient solution by using wicking (capillary action) media like Coir, perlite, and Vermiculite
Air Powered - delivers nutrient solution using a air pump instead of a water pump.

homemade hydroponics system plans

Homemade Water Pump Video

This video shows how easy it is to make a water pump using air.